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My Content Beings From Here

I will be updating with everyday affairs, focusing more on football, external & internal affairs

New released movies either Hollywood or Bollywood will be streamed here. Watch your favorite genre new movies for free.

Music Album

I will stream trending music here. So keep an eye on day to day trending list here!


I am an ambitious and very detail-oriented person, & that has helped me throughout my
previous ventures also.
While working I make sure that I know everything about the company so that I can make
understand why they should be satisfied with what I have to mean.
I have the capability to negotiate, product pitch, promote, writing skills, and communicate
with my team.
I am very much dedicated to my given work and yes my first priority has always been to
learn things which I am doing for the past few years.
I’m a creative thinker. I think it’s important to approach tasks and issues from different
angles, rather than just doing what has always been done.
By having an open mind and taking a different approach, I believe I can find new and
improved ways of doing things.


Content writer, SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, Data Entry, Video Editing, Photography

How you can help me?

  • You can write an article for this site as per your own topic.
  • You can share this site so that we have traffic on this site.
  • Planning to make a team which will make this site possible to work at its best.

How to connect?

Under are some of my most used social media platforms. If you want to connect then you are always welcome.


Prefer more to connect on LinkedIn because it is easy for work. If you don’t have one make an account and try to connect there.


You can also compose a mail. It is easy for all to do so.


You can also request me on Facebook for work.

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November 2022